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Why Catalina Island and Casa Mariquita Hotel?

Casa Mariquita Hotel champions an individualistic and luxurious approach to hospitality. While most modern hotels sport sufficient luxury; a great deal of them feel like characterless clones. Casa Mariquita is quaint and quirky in equal measure; offering an experience blending Old Spanish design with modern convenience. is the only official place to find special, limited-time offers. Rooms bookout fast so don't hang around! Although this link guarantees the best rate on your room, we highly recommend early booking to avoid disappointment later.

Guests speak fondly of a friendly and deeply personalized level of service, offering a perfect escape destination when combined with the surrounding island beauty of Catalina and the gorgeous town of Avalon. The elegance of the Casa Mariquita property will enchant and woo the most discerning of guests deserving serious consideration as Avalon’s premier guesthouse.

Why Catalina Island?

Merely a short ferry ride from major urban areas including Los Angeles and San Diego, the reasons are plentiful for sampling our beautiful and inviting island.

Food Culture

Food and wine enthusiasts have been drawn to the island for generations. Skilled sommeliers and world-class chefs are a fixture across the area and this results in some truly excellent culinary experiences.

The reputation of our very own Californian vineyards has risen dramatically in recent years and the final product now rivals some of the very best that Europe has to offer.

With very little distance to travel, Catalina Island has a fantastic selection of reasonably priced and expertly chosen wine pairings for a perfect romantic or family meal out.

However, great wine is always the perfect accompaniment to great food. Of course, there is one ingredient for which the island is perhaps more famous than any other: fresh fish /shellfish.

There are truly very few places in the world that can rival the catch-to-table alacrity achieved by the island’s top dining establishments. The result? Delicious dishes bursting with freshness and flavor.

However, options to suit all tastes are readily available. From the ardent red meat lover to vegans/vegetarians, new and high-quality restaurants are popping up to push the envelope.

And, it goes without saying, we’re also pretty renowned for our cocktails and ice cream. After all, something cool and refreshing is never amiss on a warm, relaxing day.

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Call us partial, but the climate of Catalina Island comes as close to a perfect climate as you might find anywhere in the world.

The reason is simple: extremely mild and pleasant winters coupled with warm but pleasantly non-sticky summers! That’s right — despite a reputation for year-round sun, the dial tends to stick around 70 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the summer. Indeed, in the winter things also tend to stick above 50 degrees.

The cooling ocean breeze is of course also a bonus during the summer. For various reasons, many of us simply don’t like blistering heat. It can be tough in particular for elderly visitors and families with young children.

Furthermore, there’s always the option of a cooling swim and relaxing refreshment break. Such luxuries aren’t always possible in the midst of hustle and bustle in cities like LA.

Gorgeous Beaches

What’s an island getaway without at least a few relaxing trips to the beach? Whether you’re a sunbather, swimmer, or even a sports fanatic, there are beaches to suit all tastes on the island.

Some are secluded and others popular. Some are replete with lush white sand while others are more gravely in texture.

Rest assured, there are plentiful options on all sides of the island, many just a short walk from your accommodation.

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Home Comforts & Convenience

Hawaii is wonderful, Mexico is great fun, and the Caribbean is spectacular. We admire all our counterparts, whether east, west, or south!

However, few places will offer the kind of convenience and home comfort of Catalina Island. Surprisingly affordable to visit, the island also cuts down on long-haul flying and associated costs, particularly for those visiting us from the west coast.

Indeed, a great bonus of this proximity is the fact that many visitors choose to come for just a mini-break or even a weekend. Now, that’s not likely to be on your radar if the destination is on the other end of an 8-hour flight!

Why Casa Mariquita Hotel?

In a nutshell: affordability, high-caliber professionalism, dedicated service, modernity and quaintness in equal measure, stunning views, and a whole lot more.

And don’t just take our word for it, guests return to the hotel again and again as a perfect companion to an island getaway.

Another great bonus of Casa Mariquita Hotel is its best-of-both-worlds location. Set back from the action enough to offer peace, yet close enough to be within walking distance of the things you cannot be without.

Whether it’s a special occasion, relaxing retreat, or an anniversary, come and find your perfect slice of island living. It’s an ideal spot for people of all ages and persuasions, while also offering fun for families and couples alike. We can’t wait to meet you!

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  • What guests say…

    Wonderful stay underscored by a delicious breakfast; friendly welcome from the staff; and a comfortable room with a gorgeous hilltop view.  
    Michael S.
    Superbly located with immensely attentive, caring and friendly staff who went the extra mile to make our visit a pleasure. Thanks!
    Tony M.
    Casa Mariquita has a gorgeous unique design – – quaint and full of character yet well-equipped and comfortable rooms.
    Esperanza H.