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How To Enjoy Yourself On Catalina Island…

Casa Mariquita Hotel is perched atop a picturesque Avalon hillside on beautiful Catalina Island. Renowned for its incredible beauty, Catalina Island has long been a leading escape destination for the discerning traveler. is the only official place to find special, limited-time offers. Rooms bookout fast so don't hang around! Although this link guarantees the best rate on your room, we highly recommend early booking to avoid disappointment later.

Higher floor rooms at the property soak in gorgeous panoramic views of the ocean and shoreline that invariably delight and amaze guests.

The team put together this showcase as a hands-on guide to making the most of any visit to our island. We run through some of the things you won’t want to miss, regardless of what it is you value most in a stay away from home!

To Dine

Dining is, of course, subjective. That’s why it can be so important to find a restaurant scene that is as balanced as it is professional. Fortunately, Catalina Island scores highly on both fronts. We have a slew of options from the most affordable to fine dining establishments with in-house sommeliers.

As for our go-to suggestions: Maggie’s Blue Rose is known across the island for truly mouthwatering seafood plates. Meanwhile, the Lobster House serves a top-notch catch in unpretentious surroundings.

Lloyd’s of Avalon (close to the Casa Mariquita) is a must for candy buffs and children. Meanwhile, craft beer connoisseurs will find numerous delights at the Catalina Island Brew House.

To Bathe

Now, Catalina Island’s beaches aren’t for everyone. Beach lovers are indeed often tempted out to the beaches of Mexico to relax and sunbathe.

However, don’t be fooled by a lack of wider appreciation. The island does have some beautiful and secluded beaches. Two Harbors village stands out in particular. This is also a great option for boating, scuba diving, snorkeling, and kayak adventures!

To Unwind

We hate to pivot back to food so quickly but hey, it’s not every day we get to unwind, kick back, and indulge ourselves.

For us, delicious ice cream and ice-cold, crafted cocktails are the perfect recipe for some much needed ‘me time’.

In particular, enjoying treats outdoors on a spacious terrace or patio tends to truly put visitors in the vacation type of mood.

For wonderful, gourmet ice cream, consider a stop at the famous Scoops where you’ll find fabulous treats for the whole family.

If wine is more your thing then why not try a fantastic food tour or stop by one of the island’s many highly rated wine bars.

To Shop

Love it or hate it, shopping is one of those activities that tend to polarize us like no other. To some, it is the antithesis of what relaxation is all about. However, rest assured that shopping on the island can offer a more relaxed variant of what you may be used to in bustling cities across the United States.

Avalon is the obvious choice for some retail therapy. Look out for tasteful and unique boutique stores lining the scenic shores.

Crescent Ave. may just be the ideal place to start a leisurely stroll through the island’s best carts, shops, and boutiques.

To Sightsee

Arguably the most rewarding aspect of any stay, ‘sightseeing’ on the island takes on a rather creative twist. Perhaps most famous are nature and eco-tours available from custom four-wheel-drive vehicles.

Here, you’ll be driven to see majestic bison and through the less-trodden country areas that make the island so distinctive.

However, don’t stop there. It’s what we have off the land and under the ocean that is perhaps most breathtaking. Special, glass-bottomed boats allow people of all ages to appreciate the wonders of nature without the inherent strenuousness of diving.

To Get The Pulse Racing

Options abound — watersports, undersea expeditions, mountain biking are possibly the cream of the crop. Catalina Island has bustling communities in diving, boating, yachting, and more. There’s a taste of adventure to be found for everyone.

We also have some fantastic options in safari tours, ziplining, and even running tours for the fitness fanatics!

To Stay

Take your pick — the island is small enough to feel like a miniature paradise yet expansive enough to offer a full range of accommodation options.

Resorts and spas cater to niche travelers but it is the island’s distinctive guesthouses and boutique hotels that provide a true feel for the spirit and character of life here.

So, feel free to get in touch with the staff at Casa Mariquita and find out how they can make your island trip as memorable and fulfilling as possible.

Only have a day…?

Fear not, lots of energetic whistle-stop tourists drop by on us for just a day or a weekend. In this case, advance preparation is critical. Trying to pack too much into a spontaneous visit is a recipe for hassle and disappointment.

Instead, try scheduling and reserving your ideal picks well ahead of time so that itinerary is raring to go once you step on dry land! We look forward to seeing you.

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  • What guests say…

    Wonderful stay underscored by a delicious breakfast; friendly welcome from the staff; and a comfortable room with a gorgeous hilltop view.  
    Michael S.
    Superbly located with immensely attentive, caring and friendly staff who went the extra mile to make our visit a pleasure. Thanks!
    Tony M.
    Casa Mariquita has a gorgeous unique design – – quaint and full of character yet well-equipped and comfortable rooms.
    Esperanza H.